Thursday, November 08, 2007

My Dilemma

(sing the title to the tune of My Sharona... don't forget the air guitar!)

Might make this a regular segment... haven't decided yet....

I discovered recently that a work colleague in a nearby office sells beads and findings wholesale. She and her husband import them direct from China. Whoo hoo I thought.. cheap stuff. I gave her my business card and she said she would e-mail me the catalog.

Haven't heard anything since...

so my dilemma is.... do I remind her?

The thing that amazes me, and makes me reluctant to chase her, is that I will be new business for her, so really it was in HER interests to send me the catalog. She is doing herself an injustice and losing money by forgetting... so it makes me wonder what sort of reliable business would she run if she can't even remember to create a new business proposition for herself?

Reminds me of Lifesingers recent post on the lack of Customer Service, and the recent overuse and insistence on Consumerism. Check it out... hits the spot!

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