Thursday, November 15, 2007

Jam Thoughts

I got stuck in traffic yet again on my way home... starting from right outside work this time! Couldn't even get a decent run up to a main road!

Anyhoo it got me thinking of ways to ease congestion. Of course most sci fi programmes have flying cars, but as air space is just as heavily guarded as land these days I can't see how that is going to be practical.

Next best thing I think would be multi storey freeways and roadways. If they can build a bridge over a road or railway, and they can dig tunnels under the Channel for Christ Sake! so surely building a very long bridge over the top of the existing freeway would be easy! There is only so much additional lanes across you can build on before you're knocking down homes and hospitals, so it makes sense that the only way is up.

Remember where you saw it first folks!

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