Wednesday, November 07, 2007

Room 101


We really are scraping the bottom of the entertainment barrel with this show aren't we.

If I wanted to play Bingo I would go sit with the purple rinses and double knit cardies in the local RSL. I do not want to sit in the comfort of my own home and watch insane individuals giddy with the promise of cash and hear the annoying drawls of the compere.

It's the poor mans Price is Right I tells ya! At least that show had Larry to ogle. If you ask me it's a load of balls! (what.... and you wouldn't stoop to that joke huh?)

Things, people, places, situations etc you hate/loathe/dispise/don't like very much belong in Room 101. If you decide to do the same please comment or link as appropriate as I would love to hear yours too.

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