Sunday, November 18, 2007

Little Shopping Horrors

Alternative Titles:-

Nightmare Before Christmas
The Day my Sanity Broke

Shopping Spree

I had some urgent orders to make... and realised I did not have 1 thing:- 2 strand end tags.

No probs... I'm only 10 mins away from the shopping mall... piece of cake.
Oops forgot that it's getting near Christmas. Hard to find a park...
Tried 5 different stores. Found 3 strand, 4 strand, 5 strand, even 6 strand. No 2 strand.
No alternatives...
Had to drive 40 mins out of my way to the shop I knew would have them...
I arrived at Chadstone.
I didn't recognise the place. Didn't realise it had been so long since I had been here! The car park I used to use is not there anymore.. there's roadworks galore and the Christmas hoards are behind me and getting restless.... hard to find a park...
don't panic... once you're inside it will be fine...
It wasn't. The layout inside also seemed different and I became disorientated. I headed towards shops I recognise and found the location of my shop...
My shop wasn't there!
Panic.... no breathe.... found a map of the mall. The shop had moved. Phew. Hastily tried to memorise the map. This 5 mins in and out that I was hoping for was clearly not going to be.
Made my way to my new location... eyes wide like a child, all the shops I used to go to had moved.. or been replaced.
Found my store. Found my end tags. Yeah! Shop Assistant an unhappy mute, but that 'ain't gonna phase me now... I'm on the home stretch!
I try to re-trace my steps and get lost again. I'm getting hot and bothered and I have an itch where I can't scratch in public.
Find recognisable landmarks and stick to the places I knew. To add further embarrassment my zipper keeps falling down on my jeans.
I needed a drink of water but more importantly just wanted to get out!!! I felt like I was one of those mice in a lab that they throw in the same maze again and again, then suddenly change it without notice!
I hate shopping malls at this time of year. I am beginning to hate shopping full stop.
Can I change your name to Scrooge by deedpoll?

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