Monday, November 19, 2007

Monday's a Bitch

Home Sweet Home
1.Which room in your home best represents your personality?
My lounge. Bright, relaxed, quirky, warm, fun.
2.What are your neighbours like?
Don't know... I got older folks on one side and a young couple on the other.. don't see either very often.. usually cause I'm rarely home or busy.
3.What style of home decor suits your taste most(,modern,etc.)?
I like modern, but sophisticated. Not too crazy... Light and airy.
4.If money were no object what 3 impractical features would you want your home to include?
I'd love a spa, a bowling alley and a room with wall to wall shoes.
5.What's your least favourite household chore to do?
All of it. I'm creative... you can't expect me to be tidy as well!

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