Monday, May 22, 2006


Another 0.9 gone. My body is making me work for it. Getting very tempting now. Indulged in 1 bbq pringle, and licked the flavour off one of C's Doritos. Also treated myself to a bit of reduced fat cream in my chicken and mushroom supreme. Low carbs and I only had a little bit - but felt REALLY naughty.
Biggest dilemma now. T/l taking me for lunch today. Been reading on TF website that a few people have conciously had a carb meal once every so often so they don't feel deprived. Think that might be a good idea. Figured if I had it today that gives me a whole week before weigh in to get it off again. Will knock me out of ketosis, but then I'll get straight back into it, and it might just be the jolt that my body needs. Then again - this might just be an excuse for me to slack off. Once I jump off the wagon will it be hard to get back on? If I didn't lose next week because of my lack of willpower I will be very disappointed. Decisions Decisions!

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