Thursday, May 11, 2006

It's Official - I'm not LARGE anymore :)

Went to the factory outlets today to buy this top I wanted. Automatically look for "large" Lo and behold.... not a single one in site (they always go first leaving you with thousands of XXS to look through dismally - when are the retail shops gonna realise that the larger woman grossly outnumbers the skinny ones!)

There was a Medium in the colour I wanted. It's on sale. Hmmmmm I wonder..... Head to the changing room and lo and behold.... perfect fit! Whoo Hoo!!!!! I can officially call myself a medium :) :) :)

Next I have to pluck up courage to try my bottom half (which has always been bigger) My suit pants are hanging off me now... but I am reluctant to try the next size down in case they don't fit and I make myself miserable with self pity. Maybe next week.....

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