Sunday, August 26, 2007

Cool Things I found This Week

Are you impressed with my new logo or what! I know I am... been playing with banners and logos etc... still working on all this html shit... I wanna create links to common posts (Quirky Tuesdays, Room 101 etc) but not sure how to do it yet.... keep your eyes open....
Here's what I found this week:-
  1. My Bloginality is ISFJ!!!
    enough said!
  2. Furry Feet Studios have sheep similar to my "personal assistant" (see this weeks Quirky Tuesday for more info). Furthermore they appear to be able to personalise them... how cool is that!!!
  3. Speaking of sheep... here's a blog dedicated to them.. check out where the sheep will be travelling next!
  4. what the hell.. let's go sheep crazy! Here's Sheepworld which appears to be the home of my assistant George. They have cute E-cards too!

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