Thursday, August 23, 2007

Nosey Neighbour

Being a full time working single mom with a low boredom tolerance and an overactive constant "to do list" in my head, I usually have to go to bed about 10-11pm - any later than that and I start panicking that I will be tired the next day blah blah etc etc.
I usually have to get up in the middle of the night for a pee. First sign of getting old I suppose. Last night for example it was about 1:30am.
My en-suite window faces the house next door. I have a funky silver blind up but I have a slight gap in between 2 of the slats (my nosey hole) Through that gap I can see right into next doors living room. Every time I go to do my half asleep peeing I notice the light on in the living room, and every time WITHOUT FAIL there is a guy there on his computer. He doesn't ever seem to be typing - most of the time he barely even moves. He just stares at the screen, as if reading war and peace e-book.
I never see him any other time. I have never seen him leave the computer. I have never seen him moving about in the house, or travel to or from his home. The only time I see him is the middle of the night, eyes permanently fixed to the screen.
Eerie or what!

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