Saturday, August 04, 2007

The Miracle of the Internet

Firstly I had a small brainwave.. I can't afford wireless broadband, but I have "invested" in "longwire" broadband. I bought an extra long ethernet cable so I can trawl the info superhighway from my bed. Amen! (Doesn't quite stretch to the sofa, which will be my ultimate goal... baby steps...)
It is probably a dangerous brainwave, and will probably be my downfall... but so far has been a very good idea (despite initial glitch when my poor puppy knocked over my hot cup of tea whilst trying to join me on the bed)

I have already been rewarded for my efforts.

In my mis-spent youth I was a fan of all things unconventional, weird and whacky. I used to be a regular reader of Deadline Magazine, featuring the then cult classic, now defunct flop, Tank Girl. I myself related to Jet Girl, but that's another story. Of all the other strips and features in that mag, my absolute fav was "Diabolical Liberty" starring......
I even cut a clipping of my favourite line and I remember having it on my wall. Long since destroyed I believe.
2 hours of internet trawling and I have finally found it. I am bloody chuffed with myself. I will go to bed happy.

oh, and 2 signs that you are addicted to blogging:-
  1. you find yourself blogging on a Saturday evening, when everyone else is out enjoying themselves!

  2. you find yourself wording your every thought and movement for the next day's blog. (I "wrote" this part in Aldi this afternoon)

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