Monday, January 07, 2008

101 in 1001

Received an e-mail today from Gary at The Daily Meme.. and it had this idea and link....

Being a list Diva, Expert or whatever you wanna call me, it seemed the perfect thing to do - and in fact I have already started...

My NYR list is a bit vague, so here's another 10.... I will keep updating until I have 101, and let you know when I have completed them..
  1. Lose 20 kilos
  2. Keep off the weight for 1 year
  3. Write to my letter buddies at least once every 2 months (hate the term pen-pals - sounds so Junior School!)
  4. Do PMC Basic Course
  5. Become an Australian Citizenship
  6. Get Motorbike Licence
  7. Keep a food diary
  8. Update my to do lists weekly
  9. Update my website monthly
  10. Get a new Pergola
For some more ideas... Gary's is here, and there are more here

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