Monday, January 14, 2008

101 in 1001

So, I've added to my list....

  1. Lose 20 kilos - *on target*
  2. Keep the weight off for at least 1 year
  3. Write to my letter buddies at least once every 2 months (hate the term pen-pals - sounds so Junior School!)
  4. Do PMC Basic Course - booked
  5. Become an Australian Citizen - got my letter of acceptance today, just have to wait for my ceremony.
  6. Get Motorbike Licence
  7. Keep a food diary - *on target*
  8. Update my to do lists weekly - *on target*
  9. Update my website monthly - *on target*
  10. Get a new Pergola - ordered and approved for finance.
  11. PMC intermediate Course
  12. PMC Advanced Course
  13. Go out at least once per month
  14. Do a monthly advertisement through Bartercard
  15. Design Wedding Collection - 2 pieces done already!
  16. Create a company brochure/catalog
  17. Create a "Standard" Collection of Jewellery I can sell to wholesalers.
  18. Build a Cat Run
  19. Render Garden Wall
  20. Buy New LCD TV with HD - at least 81cm
  21. Go Wireless
  22. Buy new back door with cat flap.
  23. Get 3 regular wholesale clients.
  24. Change company name on bank account - form completed and submitted
  25. Pay off at least 1 of my credit cards.
  26. Take C. to Sydney.
  27. Paint Laundry.
  28. Clean out Robe.
  29. Clean out Kitchen Cabinets.
  30. Make a pair of PJ pants from scratch.
  31. Make a skirt from a pair of denim jeans.
  32. Get Studio photos taken of C and me.
  33. Take photos of house designs I like.
  34. Clean out Pantry
  35. Go to a Shooting Range.
  36. Play in mud.
  37. Go to a Day Spa.
  38. Buy a New Suit
  39. Do some Charity Volunteer Work
  40. Read the Books I have Started and not Finished (3)
  41. Try something new every time I go out for a meal.

.... that's all I got so far.... actually quite hard to think of 101 things!!!

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