Monday, January 07, 2008

20 kgs - that's only 4 bags of potatoes... right?

I promise not to bore you with this weight loss crap too often... if you wanted to hear about some fat bitch whining about how hard it is you would watch The Biggest Loser...

But it is I think important to make my figures "public"... (so my 1 reader knows) and therefore acknowledge to myself I have a long way to go. Think the first step to success if not hiding the figures and thereby "shaming" yourself into determination.

I think it is also important for me to document that I have done it before... so I can do it again... the only thing different this time is I have to make sure I stay there!

OK.. here's the facts and figures... grrrr

Start Weight: 85.9 kg
Chest measurement: 105cm
Waist: 113cm
Hips: 120cm
Thigh (right one if you MUST know): 66cm
Calf: 39cm
Arm: 35cm
If you see a chunky chick walking the streets of the Melbourne suburbs muttering to herself "spinach is my friend" please stop her, say "Hey BHB, have you lost weight?" and give me a big hug.... cheers!
(who am I kidding - my 1 "reader" is probably over in Alabama.. and only reads this cause they can't afford cable)

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