Monday, January 28, 2008

Music Mambo

Hello everyone! It's snowing where I live, so today's Mambo will be snow-themed.

1. They say every snowflake is unique. Name a musician who you think is unique and sounds like no one else.
Cerys Matthews from Catatonia... and what an amazing sound that is!

2. Snowfall covers everything in sight. Tell us about a cover song you enjoy.
It is very rare that a cover song is better than the original.. I can think of 3...
"Spirit in the Sky", originally by Norman Greenbaum, but revamped by Doctor and the Medics
"Cuz I Luv U", originally by Slade but re-sung by The Wonderstuff.
"Band on the Run" originally by Paul McCartney & Wings, but I recently discovered a fantastic rendition by Foo Fighters on the Radio One album.

3. It snows a lot in Canada. Tell us your favorite Canadian musician.
I'll say Bryan Adams.. I'm afraid to say I don't know many Canadian musicians. Shame on me!

4. Watching the snow fall can be very peaceful. Name a song that brings you peace.
'Don't know why" by Norah Jones.

Thanks for mamboing, and if it's snowing where you are - stay warm and stay safe!
I got sunburned today on the bike... sorry but I just had to gloat!


Wil said...

Much of Nora Jones' stuff is peace- (or sleep-) inducing. :)

Russ/rfduck said...

Thanks for mamboing. And thanks for the linkage on your sidebar!