Wednesday, January 23, 2008

Room 101

Adverts for "AB" Machines

Buff models flashing their oiled chests to all and sundry, who prior to filming the advert have never even sat on the damn machine before. They got their abs from their model parents and a personal trainer, who sits over them with a medicine ball while they do sit ups.

Magic images of Fat people morphing into Fit people before your very eyes!

Paid "happy customers" claiming they lost the equivalent of Arnie Swartzenegger in weight just by using this amazing product. The fact that they probably ate nothing but lettuce and actually walked to the corner shop everyday doesn't even come into it!

Makes you wanna barf into your tub of ice cream that you're eating in bed!

Oh, and the guy in the pic here looks like he had his smile drawn on afterwards!

Things, people, places, situations etc you hate/loathe/dispise/don't like very much belong in Room 101. If you decide to do the same please comment or link as appropriate as I would love to hear yours too.

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