Wednesday, January 02, 2008

Room 101

Bras worn with Racer Back Tops!

I know it's hot.... REALLY hot at the moment, and you need comfort as well as cool... but PLEASE invest in the proper bra for the top you are wearing.

These days there is simply no need for seeing saggy greying straps. You can buy halter neck bras, ones with adjustable or removable straps, or if you simply MUST have them then those clever little clear plastic ones are great!

Or what about this Handy little invention... Problem solved!

No-one wants to see next weeks washing... so please please please HIDE THOSE STRAPS!

Things, people, places, situations etc you hate/loathe/dispise/don't like very much belong in Room 101. If you decide to do the same please comment or link as appropriate as I would love to hear yours too.

1 comment:

Ooopsadazie said...

Such a brilliant idea for venting some frustration.