Tuesday, January 01, 2008

Quirky Tuesday

Things already on the agenda for 2008!

  • Cranbourne Rodeo - 1st & 2nd February
  • Only 45 minutes from Melbourne’s CBD, the Cranbourne Rodeo is extremely accessible for southern city slickers. Run over two days with country music at night and a bar serving up both beer and Bundy and Coke on tap, this is a great chance to get a first-up taste of rodeo life
  • Frankston Sea Festival - 19th-20th January
    This major summer event offers residents and visitors a weekend filled with some not to be missed sporting competitions, as well as an eclectic mix of free entertainment and activities. Enjoy the wonderful community spirit and see the ever changing face of Frankston.... along with Frankston Waterfront Sandsculpting..
    With Frankston beach, the pier and Kananook Creek as a backdrop, the area will be transformed as 3,500 tonnes of sand are meticulously carved into scenes from your favourite childhood 'Fairytales and Fables'. Integrated with the sand sculptures. will be our regular activities to keep the whole family entertained.
  • Basic Skills in PMC workshop - 27th-28th January
  • Basic skills in handling the different types of PMC and hand finishing the fired pieces.- Basics of firing using a kiln or by torch - Making a hollow bead - Working out the shrinkage as applied to rings - Setting Glass or Ceramics in PMC - Texturing clay - Setting stones 3 ways
What you got planned?????

Quirky Tuesday will have a different topic each week, to tell everyone about a quirk / ritual / obsession / routine about that subject. As little or as many as you like if you're playing along at home. (I sound like a game show host!). Readers can meme it on their own blogs or just comment on here. Don't forget to link!

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