Thursday, April 03, 2008

The Lair of the Blue Happy Alien Bunny

Part II, by John Hulme

The fluffy security foot-guard-thingy flexed its talons and growled at them in what seemed like a particularly unfriendly manner for such an otherwise friendly-looking paw.

"Watch it, Peanut!" gasped Tracy, "those claws look awful sharp!"

Just as she had finished saying this, another rabbit's paw guard thingy bounced onto the ground behind them, cracking the paving with its razor-bladed talons.

OK, so Peanut might well started out unconvinced by the whole Blue Happy Bunny from outer space idea, but even he had to admit that things were beginning to look very suspicious indeed. Something strange was afoot in this tower - and it wasn't just the rabbit's feet (though, of course, technically speaking, each of those was indeed a foot). Besides, no oversized rabbit's feet were going to mess with HIS mum!

He launched a flying kick at the foot-guard-thingy by the door, neatly cracking open one of its talons.

"Oww! Now that's just not... ooowwww!! No, no... oooowww!" whined the stricken guard.

Instantly, the other guard launched itself into the air, its talons neatly splayed out in a kind of killer rake formation, so that anything in its path would instantly be sliced to ribbons.

Peanut had already hit the button on the security door, however, and was pulling his mother into the tower elevator.

"Oh shiiiiiiiiiiiiii..." The second foot-guard-thingy's cry was cut short by the elevator doors slamming shut in its path, followed by a very ugly-sounding THUNK!

"What did he say?" asked Peanut.

"Ohshi," replied Tracy. "It's rabbit-speak for 'Whoops, I missed'."

"Yeah, right," replied Peanut, quietly marvelling to himself at the way mothers always seemed to underestimate quite how many dodgy words their kids actually knew.
Or maybe they don't, he suddenly thought to himself, surprising himself with his own insight. Maybe they just need to believe something better is round the corner.


JennieBoo said...

This is freakin' AWESOME!

I didn't know you wrote.

Well done

BHB said...

It's not me Jennie Boo, s'my mate Johnny! Check him out, he has such a way with words:-