Monday, April 14, 2008

Music Mambo

Hello, mamboers. Today I think we'll talk about the piano:

1. Can you play piano? If so, when did you learn?
My mum bought a huge Yamaha keyboard when I was a kid and I self taught myself some very basic tunes. I can play "By the Rivers of Babylon" including a few chords, and I can play some basic tunes by ear.. although it usually takes me a few attempts.
2. Who is your favorite piano player in popular music?
Chris Martin from Coldplay
3. What is your favorite song featuring the piano?
I'm gonna go way off field here and say Van Halen's Jump - technically it was a synthesizer, but the concept is still the same surely (?)
4. Piano in rock music - yay or nay?
Hell yeah, why not? Gimme a good Crocodile Rock style piano riff any day!

Thanks for mamboing!

1 comment:

John said...

Maybe Van Halen will use a piano for the "unplugged" version