Tuesday, April 01, 2008

Quirky Tuesday

My favourite Vampires:-

I love all of Anne Rice's Vampire chronicles. They have a wonderful, poetic flow about them, and really make you feel like you are there. I fell in love with Armand in his book.

2. Dracula in Bram Stokers Dracula
Not so much in his "old" form, but when he is strolling the streets of London and meets the aquaintence of the delectible Mina, he is simply DIVINE. A wonderful adaptation by Gary Oldman. and when he says.. " I... love you too much to condemn you. " well I almost swoon!

3. Selene in Underworld
Awesome sexy vampire in tight leather... you need any more reason???? I like to think if I turned vampire I would look like her.


John said...

Thinking about the different Draculas... I decided it was time to read Stoker's book about ten years back, and boy is it atmospheric - and Dracula comes across as a force of nature (and an exciting ending, too).
And I really liked Underworld, despite not hearing any good stuff about it beforehand (not seen the second Underworld movie, though).

JennieBoo said...

Gry Oldman as Dracula (young) made me WANTt to "BE condeemed"! Awww.....SO SEXY! I wish I was Mina.

Never seen Underworld, I guess I should rent it....

As for Armand, sexiness personified. He can bite me anytime!