Thursday, October 18, 2007

Crayzee urges

Do you ever get those urges to do something really crazy for no apparent reason? I'm not talking sexual urges, so get them right out of your head now...

.........NOW I said ;)

Walking down the car park driveway and I had the sudden urge to do a cartwheel. Now I wouldn't dream of doing such a thing.. I haven't done a cartwheel since I was at Junior School, and nowadays it would most probably involve ripping the seat of my pants at the very least, and more likely result in a hospital visit and traction.

Like when you're driving round a small roundabout, on a beautiful sunny day, no other cars around... don't ya have the urge to just go round and round the roundabout about 4-5 times? Now this I have done, on 3 occasions: once to delight my boy, once to delight my drunken passengers (I was sober!) and once to make T/L feel sick from his monster hangover.

Other examples:-
* Sitting next to a gorgeous looking guy on the train, and he smelled delicious, and I had the urge to have a lick.
* In the supermarket next to a carefully designed stack of boxes, and I get the urge to knock them all down.
* See a dirty car next to the road, and I get the urge to write my name in the dust.
* Smell the cut grass and get the urge to roll in it.

Makes you feel alive don't it?!

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