Monday, October 22, 2007

Music Mambo

I'm going to do something a little different today. I'm not really liking the themes for this week (used car day and match day), so I'm going to pick my readers' brains and see what kind of themes YOU can come up with. So today's mambo will be:
1. Name a few random songs you enjoy and want to recommend to others.
Gonna recommend a few that may or may not be known to my friends in the Northern Hemisphere:-
  1. Old Man River - La
  2. Missy Higgins - Peachy
  3. Sneaky Sound System - Hip Hip Hooray
  4. Operator Please- Just a Song about Ping Pong
  5. The Beautiful Girls - I thought about you.

2. Give the mememeister one or two themes to use for future Mambos and Humps.
Hmmmm - tough one... I'm relatively new so you might have already done these:-
  1. 5 sexiest songs
  2. Songs that jog good/silly memories
  3. Your favourite colour songs (am I scraping bottom of barrel already???)
  4. Make the ultimate boy/girl band from solo artists
  5. You're stuck in an elevator for 10 minutes... what music do you pray for...
  6. Inappropriate songs for.... (then pick a person or situation.... e.g - inappropriate song for a Funeral would be "Oh Happy Day")


Russ/rfduck said...

Thanks for playing. Yay for Missy Higgins! And thanks for the ideas.

Wil said...

Listened to the Operator Please song. Brilliant example of "Youth is wasted on the Young."


I'll have to ask my cardiologist if what they're taking is safe for my ticker...