Friday, October 12, 2007

Musical Memories

Isn't is amazing what memories can be associated with songs. I'm listening to Vega on my phone so I can concentrate at work. The office here gets very noisy - especially with the woodpecker and the boot (I'll explain that another day) trying to out-do each other.

Anyhoo - Listening to Queen "I want to break free" - great song and I remember the video clip with them all dressed up as women. But the one memory that comes up every single time I hear that song is one day when I was in primary school. It was lunch time on a hot day and the bell had gone but the teacher had not finished the class so we were still sat there quietly with the door open for a breeze. Another class comes out of the adjacent classroom and one kid as clear as day sang "I want to break wind" to the tune - then suddenly realised that our whole class had heard him and we were all giggling. He blushed intently and we were quickly dismissed to the playground.

It still makes me smile when I think about it... and ever since that day I have substituted "wind" for "free", much to C's disgust!

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Kate said...

LOL @ I want to break wind.

There's an episode of Saturday Night Live which features a send up of the song, Don't Fear the Reaper. In it the actor Christopher Walken keeps shouting 'more cowbell'. Anyhow, last year we went to see Blue Oyster Cult and when that song played I suddenly developed the urge to shout 'more cowbell', but I didn't :-(