Tuesday, October 16, 2007

Too Many Tracys

I work for an air conditioning company which is part of a global business conglomerate called UTC (United Technologies Corporation). We are all connected on the global e-mail list.

There are currently 4 Trac(e)y Taylors in UTC, which poses a very small but highly annoying problem occasionally. I get e-mails from Canada all the time, asking me for Warranties on various problems, and inviting me to Christmas parties and Raffles. Tempting though it is to hop on a plane and join in the fun (their Xmas dinner sounded SO much better than ours) I have to decline. I have repeated asked them to amend their distribution list, but alas, the occasional e-mail still gets through.

Tracy in California gets a lot of my mail. In a way I am kind of glad, because his forwarding e-mails are amusing. Today this was an addition:-

T-shirt of the day: Spotted this morning. In big bold type. "I don't finish anythi"
Made me titter!

Tracey in the UK is a recent addition to the clan. All the other TTs welcome her with open arms. "Join our pain"

Trac(e)y Taylors of the world unite!

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