Tuesday, October 30, 2007

Quirky Tuesday

Quirky Tuesday will have a different topic each week, to tell everyone about a quirk / ritual / obsession / routine about that subject. As little or as many as you like if you're playing along at home. (I sound like a game show host!). Readers can meme it on their own blogs or just comment on here. Don't forget to link!

This week it's Birthdays!

  1. My Birthdate is 7/5/75
  2. My mom's birthdate is 30/6/36 (the ladies of my family make it easier for the men to remember our birthdays!)
  3. There is 13 years difference between my mum and my auntie, 13 between her and my sister, 13 between my sister and myself, 13 betweem me and my neice and 13 between her and my son! I have 5 years to go before either myself or my niece gets the next one in!

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